Our Beers

Our beers span the spectrum from hazy IPAs, ciders, stouts, and porters. We're not focused on any certain style of beer, we brew drinkable beers everyone can enjoy. We're a small neighborhood brewery and we don't boast any "flagship" beers.

Wait, no flagship beers?

Variety is fun, having an ever changing assortment of beers is more interesting than coming to drink the same beers over and over. Our brewers like to experiment and we haven't gotten a complaint yet!

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Jewel's Mango Wheat

Wheat Ale

Our Mango & Guava infused wheat beer. Light and refreshing.

$7/4.2% ABV
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Old Town Rye

Pale Ale

This hoppy ale features plenty of rye malts that give it unique toasted and peppery notes and touch of nuttiness. Cascade hops give it a fruity nose that balances all those rye flavors very nicely. We named this beer Old Town, which was how folks referred to the area we know today as "Beach Drive" in between historic downtown and St. Andrews.

$7/5.1% ABV
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Belle Booth

Blonde Ale

This easy-drinkin' American classic is known for its simplicity and smooth finish. 

$7/5.5% ABV
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SeaLab Citiva


Our newest "experimental" batch of this IPA series is dry-hopped with Citiva Hops, giving it strong aromas of stone fruit and a hint of lemon & lime on the finish. Since these IPAs are our "experiments," we thought it was only fitting to name it for the Naval Support Activity (NSA) on St. Andrew's Bay, where "SEALAB" has been performing some cool marine experiments for over 75 years.

$7/7.2% ABV /40+ IBU
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McKenzie's Milk Stout


English-style stout brewed with milk sugar for a creamy mouthfeel and just a touch of sweetness on the finish to round out notes of roasted coffee.

$7/5.5% ABV
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Steele's IPA


West coast style IPA for the hop-heads! Brewed with a variety of malts and a combination of Columbus, Chinook, Citra, and Simcoe hops, Steele's starts off with caramel malt a hints of cedar and then careens into a mesh of piney, citrusy, ever so slightly minty bitterness through a lasting finish.

$7/6.3% ABV /75 IBU
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Saint's Bay Tropical


This sour ale is loaded with mango, peaches, and passionfruit for a super tropical punch! 

$7/4.2% ABV
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Strong Boy


This one is packed full of classic American hops: Chinook, Columbus, Centennial, and Simcoe. It's our strongest IPA yet so we named it after the Strongman from Millville, Paul Conrad, who's feats of strength earned him the title of "The South's Strongest Boy."

$7/7.9% ABV
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Dr. Booth's Lime

Hard Seltzer

Our newest gluten-free hard seltzer is flavored with plenty of lime for a light, slightly dry, refresher!

$7/4.9% ABV
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Mound Avenue

Brown Ale

This is our take on an American Brown Ale. We added 3 pounds of local wildflower honey to this batch just for fun. 

We named this beer after Mound Ave. over in West End St. Andrews. Over 1000 years ago this area was a Native American settlement. They ate a lot of shellfish and over time this area piled up with shells forming the mound we see today. To this day local residents find shells, pottery, and arrowheads when they dig around in their yards.

$7/5.6% ABV /30 IBU
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Hawk's Sipper


We combine flaked malt & oats then finish this light IPA with Citra & Mosaic hops. We named this beer after Hawk Massalina. Click here to see Hawk's story.

$7/5% ABV
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Governor Stone

Irish Ale

We used both light and dark crystal malts to brew this Irish Ale, giving it a medium to full body with toasted, nutty notes. This one has a super crisp finish that will satisfy even the lager-lovers out there!

$7/5.8% ABV /26 IBU
Non-Alcoholic Drinks
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McKenzie Bros. Fizzy Water

Fizzy Water

Each glass of McKenzie Bros. Blueberry and Strawberry Fizzy Water is made by hand the old fashioned way which is how we like to do things here at History Class.

0% ABV
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Capt. Raffield's Watermelon Juice


Fresh watermelon juice and ice. That's it.

$4/0% ABV
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Fresh Squeezed Lemonade

Classic, refreshing, and always fresh squeezed!

$3.00/0% ABV

The Taproom

History Class is a gathering place for friends to share stories over great food and beer. We spent years curating local artifacts and photographs to fill our taproom with the rich history of Panama City. When you visit, everything from the chairs you sit in to the art on the walls has a story to tell, and we hope that you enjoy hearing them as well as sharing your own with us. Enjoy 15 beers on tap, a variety of southern snacks, a comfortable space, and friendly staff to share stories with!