Our Beers

Our beers span the spectrum from hazy IPAs, ciders, stouts, and porters. We're not focused on any certain style of beer, we brew drinkable beers everyone can enjoy. We're a small neighborhood brewery and we don't boast any "flagship" beers.

Wait, no flagship beers?

Variety is fun, having an ever changing assortment of beers is more interesting than coming to drink the same beers over and over. Our brewers like to experiment and we haven't gotten a complaint yet!

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Tommy Oliver
American Lager

This medium bodied American lager is clean & refreshing, showcasing a grainy-sweet corn flavor for a moderately rich taste with a creamy mouthfeel. We named our new American Lager after local coach and WWII hero Tommy Oliver. He grew up in this town and played football at Bay High School. After playing in college too, Tommy came back to his hometown to coach. Coach Oliver was a true patriot, at 34 years old with a wife and two children at home, he answered his country’s call to defend freedom in WWII. He fought bravely but sadly was killed in battle by a Japanese sniper while giving medical aid to one of his fellow Marines. Since 1945, Bay High's Tommy Oliver Stadium has honored the memory of Bay County’s "All-American Boy" and every Bay County High School graduate who died in service to our country in WWII.  

6.4% ABV
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Belle Booth

Blonde Ale

This easy-drinkin' American classic is known for its simplicity and smooth finish. We named it after Belle Booth, who was an important member of this community back when Panama City first became Panama City! She was our very first female postmaster. After the passing of her first husband Dr. Booth, Belle married Robert McKenzie (Panama City's first Mayor) and she is credited with building the McKenzie House with her bare hands in 1909. The house still stands as a historic landmark right behind the brewery!

5% ABV
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Jewel's Mango Hibiscus

Wheat Ale

We infused this American wheat ale with Hibiscus tea and Mango puree to create this tart, fruity, floral, totally unique brew that locals absolutely love! This brew is named for Jewel Booth, daughter of Belle & Dr. Charles Erwin Booth. They moved to our area in 1901 and quickly became beloved parts of the community. 

5.1% ABV
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Ella Mae

Light Ale

Traditional German Malts and Hops alongside Norwegian yeast give this beer citrus flavors with a crisp finish.

We named it after Ella Mae Sapp. In 1916 she and her husband Judge Joshua Sapp built their grand home, just down the road from the courthouse. The Sapp House is a local Treasure and has recently been restored and transformed into an event venue where people can gather to celebrate life, love, and family.

5% ABV
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Governor Stone

Irish Ale

We used both light and dark crystal malts to brew this Irish Ale, giving it a medium to full body with toasted, nutty notes. This one has a super crisp finish that will satisfy even the lager-lovers out there!
The Governor Stone was a fishing vessel built in 1877, and until Hurricane Michael in 2018 was the only surviving two-masted coasting cargo schooner built on the Gulf Coast of the United States, and is only one of five such surviving US-built ships. A group of locals is currently hard at work restoring this National Landmark. 

5.4% ABV
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SeaLab Exp. 586


This IPA features an experimental hop variety from Hop Breeding Company (HBC 586). Since it's an experiment of our own, we thought it was only fitting to name it for the Naval Support Activity (NSA) on St. Andrew's Bay, where "SEALAB" has been performing some cool marine experiments for over 75 years.

6.8% ABV /40+ IBU
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Island Hopper


New England Style Hazy IPA featuring a unique Norwegian yeast with sultana dry hop. Island Hopper has a potent citrus, lemon-forward aroma and a juicy mouthfeel with a lingering finish. This batch features lots of citra hops for flavor, but it isn't overly bitter. If you're not sure about hoppy beers, try this one, it's our "starter IPA." 

6.6% ABV
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Saints Bay Margarita Gose


We whipped up this light & refreshing gose with sea salt, orange peel, and plenty of lime juice to give it the perfect balance of sweet and tart, just like a margarita ¡muy delicioso!

4.5% ABV /10 IBU
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Sheriff Sherm

Hazy IPA

 We named this hazy IPA in honor of Sherm Walker. He was a talented actor & beloved local who became the “Sheriff of Ghost Town” at Petticoat Junction Amusement Park in Panama City Beach back in 1966. This brew features citra, strata, and citiva hops for a well balanced New England style IPA with high bitterness for the hop heads!  

6% ABV
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The Hero


English style Porter with mild chocolate notes and a crisp, clean finish. We named our porter The Hero in honor of Lt. Edwin Gorbet, the pilot who saved Jinks Junior High. His story is one that every Panama City citizen should know. Click here to see Edwin's story!

5.2% ABV
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Pollywog Pear


A crisp apple cider with a pop of Pear, and yes, she's GLUTEN FREE!

We named this cider after a motorboat that called St. Andrews Bay home way back in 1908. The Panama City Pilot Newspaper used to print a weekly list of all of the new-fangled motorboats putting their way around St. Andrews Bay. 

The boat named Pollywog was 18 feet long, owned by a local businessman named W.W. Green, and powered by a heavy-duty Regal gasoline engine.

5% ABV
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McKenzie's Finest


English-style stout brewed with milk sugar for a creamy mouthfeel and just a touch of sweetness on the finish to round out notes of roasted coffee. We put this one on nitro for an even smoother finish. 

This milk stout is named after Panama City's very first mayor, Robert McKenzie. His house still stands as a historic landmark right behind our brewery in downtown Panama City.

5.3% ABV
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British Pub Ale

This is our take on a traditional English Pub Ale. It has a malty flavor profile with a slightly sweet nuttiness and a smooth finish made even creamier by the Nitro tap!

We named it after Irish-American mapmaker Joseph Purcell.  The year was 1778, the American Revolutionary War was raging and Mr. Purcell, a British Captain, led a small group of Creek warriors to the British base in Pensacola on the old Ekanachattee Trading Path. Their journey took them through a portion of what eventually would become Bay County so, in a roundabout not so historically significant way, the American Revolutionary War passed through Panama City's backyard! 

4.6% ABV
Non-Alcoholic Drinks
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Glass Bottle Sodas

We stock old-fashioned soda made with real cane sugar, none of that corn syrup stuff! The menu varies based on what our vendors can supply us with each week. 

0% ABV
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Capt. Raffield's Watermelon Juice

Freshly pureed watermelons, strained until the pulp is gone and it's just straight watermelon juice!

0% ABV
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Fresh Squeezed Lemonade

Classic, refreshing, and always fresh squeezed!

0% ABV

The Taproom

History Class is a gathering place for friends to share stories over great food and beer. We spent years curating local artifacts and photographs to fill our taproom with the rich history of Panama City. When you visit, everything from the chairs you sit in to the art on the walls has a story to tell, and we hope that you enjoy hearing them as well as sharing your own with us. Enjoy fresh beers on tap, a variety of southern snacks, a comfortable space, and friendly staff to share stories with!