Local beer, southern bites, & local stories.

We're a downtown brewpub opening in the Spring of 2020. We're excited to tell historic stories of our community around food and drink. We hope you'll join us downtown!

Our Mission

We love this town and the stories of how this community was built. It was built by ordinary people who gathered and did extrodinary things together.

We're excited to tell these stories around food and drink. We want to be a place our community can come gather, meet each other, support progress by supporting each other, and help Bay County realize it's untapped potential.

Southern Small Bites

Our menu features food which we believe represent our community.
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The Pork Rinds

Prepared to order, the pork rinds are seasoned with salt, paprika, hot sauce powder, and lime. More flavors coming soon.

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Boiled Peanuts

If anything reminds me of a road trip, it's boiled peanuts. Our boiled peanuts are made daily and the peanuts come from South Alabama.


Our Beers

Our beers span the spectrum from hazy IPAs, sours,stouts, and porters. We're not focused on a certain style of beer just drinkable beers everyone can enjoy. We're a small neighborhood brewery and we're don't have any current plans to develop flagship beers.

Wait, no flagship beers?

Variety is fun, having an ever changing assortment of beers is more interesting than coming to drink the same beers over and over.

Historic Downtown

Located right off of Harrison Avenue, across from the Martin Theatre & the Panama City Center for the Arts.
below is an aerial photo of downtown circa 1945

Local Stories

Bay County has so many wonderful stories which we want to tell. We believe to love a place, you need to know a few stories. We hope you enjoy hearing these stories as much as we love capturing and documenting them. We will be adding more Bay County stories as the years go by.

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Hawk Massalina & Redfish Point

This version shows Jose Massalina and the gaff-rigged sloops he used to sail in the bay. Jose founded the Redfish Point Community.

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2nd Lieutenant Edwin Gorbet

Lt. Edwin Gorbet is a name every citizen of Bay County should know.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I brew?

Sure, but probably not. Well if you want to apply for a brew position, use the contact form.

Dog friendly?

- Yes we enjoy having dogs in our outdoor seating area. We even have a water bowl. Dogs must be kept on a leash at all times. If your dog cannot behave you will be asked to leave. If you see a dog visiting our space, please ask the owner before you pet the dog.

Kid food?

We do not have a kids menu currently. As we catch our stride we'll look to add a few simple things like chicken fingers but currently we're serving small plates and have no "kids menu."

Kid friendly?

Yes we are a kid friendly establishment. But make sure your kids aren't wild monsters, the other customers might not want your kids screaming, or catching the place on fire. Poorly behaved children will be required to wear a dog leash.

Live music?

We're just getting started...we're not currently having live music acts but in a few months you might start seeing live music options.

Non-alcoholic drinks?

Yes we have non-alcoholic drinks. Water is free, we also have fruited selzer drinks. Very soon we plan on adding homemade sodas.

Our Blog

Owning & Operating a Brewery

If you're interested in hearing thoughts on opening a brewery, managing, marketing follow our blog. We're going to be very transparent about our learnings through mistakes and failures.

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Why Are We Opening A Brewery?

We've never worked in a brewery, never run a restaurant, but here's why we're taking the risk of opening this business.

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