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Frequently Asked Questions

Kid friendly?

Yes, we are a family friendly establishment! We have games and coloring sets to entertain your little ones. But please make sure your kids aren't wild monsters, the other customers might not want your kids screaming, or catching the place on fire. Poorly behaved children will be required to wear a leash.

Non-alcoholic drinks?

Our homemade McKenzie Brothers Fizzy Water, The General's Root Beer, and Watermelon juice are all non-alcoholic. Oh yeah, and the Culligan filtered water is free.

Dog friendly?

Yes, we love having doggos in our outdoor seating areas! We have a water bowl and two waste stations for your use. Please keep your pet on a leash at all times. If your dog cannot behave you will be asked to leave. If you see a dog visiting our space, please ask the owner before you pet the dog.

Snake friendly?

No, if you have pet snake, do not bring that monster in this space. For that matter why do you have a pet snake? Gross.

Where can I buy beer?

We are only selling beer in our downtown taproom currently, you can come in a drink a pint, and grab a crowler to go.

What are your flagship beers?

No flagship beers here! We like to change things up quite a bit. Beers will come and go and some may come back. The goal is to have something new to try most every time you visit.

Can I brew?

Sure, but probably not. Well if you want to apply for a brew position, use the contact form.

Live music?

We host local musicians every night that we are open (Wednesday-Sunday). Click here to see who's playing this week, and other upcoming events.

We love helping non-profits!

If you're a small non-profit who helps our local Bay County community, we'd love to help. Click here for more information.

Join our team!

Occassionally we hire and when we do, we hire awesome people. Are you awesome? If so, let's talk.

Large Party Reservations?

We try to accomodate large parties the best we can, looking to bring your gang to History Class? Let's talk.