Core Team

While we each have different strengths, we all are passionate about craft beer and opening a successful brewery. We want to hire future team members based on personality & willingness to learn and collaborate. We understand the core team sets the tone for the next set of hires which extend the brand's message.

Tim Whalerbrewmaster, operations

Tim is an urban planner and hardcore home brewer. Tim’s passion for beer and operational efficiencies are vital to the operations of the brewery and the quality of the beer.

Allan Branchmarketing, accounting

Allan’s background is entrepreneurship, creator of things from software, conferences, ebooks, courses, tv shows, etc. Creativity plus a mean set of accounting chops. test

Dan MagnerOur manager

For the past 20 years, Dan has been running restaurants, food trucks, and helping various franchise restaurants get opened. This means Dan was extensive knowledge of people and processes. Dan brings experiential wisdom to the front of the house management.