Why Are We Opening A Brewery?

We've never worked in a brewery, never run a restaurant, but here's why we're taking the risk of opening this business.

Writing the first blog post feels daunting… Let’s start with why...why did Tim and I decide to start a brewery?

The Location

Let’s start with the location, downtown. Tim and I both have an affinity for downtowns, old buildings, and history. There’s something special about owning an old building. You’re simply the caretaker of this building for a time. Your job is to tell the story of the building, add new history, and give it to the next caretaker in better condition than you found it. 

Our building circa 1955 when it was "Thompson's Appliance Center"

Downtowns Need People

We’ve established Tim, and I love downtown, especially our hometown’s downtown. Personally, my wife and I moved our whole family downtown about 18 months ago. Every downtown needs people, people living, people eating, drinking, and walking the sidewalks. Small downtowns across America are struggling with many issues. The way you revitalize your downtown is by “doing things” which bring in people. 

4th Of July Parade on Harrison Avenue, Circa 1942

Breweries attract people for many reasons.

  1. There’s something special in seeing how a product is made. Our favorite breweries showcase the brew-space if you’re lucky you get to speak with the brewer.
  2. Breweries with tasting rooms are considered a “third space”, which is a place you can go casually hand out with friends, bring a pet, bring kids, and relax.
  3. Making beer is art and science colliding together. Artists appreciate artists, so you’ll find the patrons of local breweries to be people who support the arts.

Can You Even Make Beer?

Yes, Tim has been brewing beer for years. He’s fanatical about it. I’ve brewed enough beer to understand the basics, but the actual brewing side is not my passion. I love business, process, marketing, finance etc...all the things Tim doesn’t like. Later we’ll discuss why I know Tim Whaler is the right partner in this venture.

Can We Make Magic?

Our city lost its magic. Magic happens when the right people bump into each other. I’ll try to explain. When you get artistic, fun people meeting each other in a relaxed environment “things” happen...if you’re lucky ideas are thrown around...collaborations happen...this is the magic that every prosperous city creates.

Let’s quickly summarize so far.

We love downtowns; we want to help our downtown, we hope the brewery we’re creating is a place where creative, artistic people can meet each other and collaborate on ideas. That’s the “why” on Why We Want To Create A Brewery….soon we’ll discuss the “how.”

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