Weekly Cash Story (Report)

Each week I compile a report which breaks down our weekly money report. Here's what we've created.

Used the word "story" because I dislike the term "report." A report for the sake of reports isn't helpful as a business owner. A story has a purpose, plus it feels friendlier than "report."

I love looking at data and asking myself, "what is this suppose to be telling me?"..."what decisions can it help me make?"..."what problems am I suppose to be spotting with this data?" This particular story is a sanity check to be certain numbers are trending in the right direction, and we're not spending money we don't have.

Each week I want to be able to view one report and quickly know the revenue, payroll, spending amounts, tips, labor % all in one report. This story should tell me if we're trending in a particular direction. I've created this spreadsheet; you're welcome to copy it, the numbers in it are made up. Feel free to improve it as well, email me changes (allan@historyclass.beer) or leave comments in the google spreadsheet.

I'll explain the Weekly Cash Story.

  • A1 / A2: the date range of the data.
  • C1 is Gross Revenue: How much money we brought in (is this going up or down?)
  • D1 are credit card fees: This is the amount which will probably hit our account. (we have a blended cc fee structure, so this is an estimate.)
  • E1: "E1 is an updated" showing the amount of money that will hit our bank account. 
  • F1: is the sales tax, which we will pay later.
  • G1: is the total cash impact on our account for payroll that week.
  • H1: is the tip amount (is this going up or down?)
  • I1: labor cost with taxes
  • J1: labor % is gross revenue/cash demand of payroll.
  • K1: is the cash demand for payroll minus the E1 total. I want to know what will be remaining in our account after payroll has cleared for that week.
  • L1: is the total amount we spent on our company card that week. Most bills go thru our credit card.
  • M1: what checks did we send this week? Most of our bills have been paid via credit card.
  • N1: K1 minus M1...this is an updated amount of "available" money.
  • O1: is the amount I'm submitting as a credit card payment. I want this amount to be greater than or equal to the credit card spending for the week.
  • P1: is the rolling amount that will stay in our account. I want to continue to grow out cash pad as a safety net or next equipment purchase.

Again feel free to copy the spreadsheet and make your version. I'd love to improve mine, so I'd love to hear suggestions...email me (allan@historyclass.beer)

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